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Any company, organization, or institution that wants to receive electronic payments from its customers, clients or members can sign up to be an Emergent Payments merchant. Our portfolio of merchants is highly diverse and they have a shared interest to offer their customers flexibility, security, and convenience in making payments.

A solar home systems company serving rural customers: The solar company offers its rural customers pay-as-you-go financing, and before signing on to Emergent Payment, the company had to deploy cash collection agents across the country to collect these payment installments. This process made tracking and reconciling payments difficult.
Emergent Payment now automates the company’s customers’ customers’ cash payments with our Mobile Money Wallet Direct Debit service. Once the company provides its customer data to Emergent Payments uploads a file of its customers names, mobile phone numbers, and required payment amounts, prompts are sent to the customer’s mobile phone requesting a debit of his/her Mobile Money wallet.

A Tier 3 pension company: Informal sector workers in Ghana traditionally do not save for retirement because no pension company enables them to save for a pension with daily, weekly and monthly contributions while they are working. This Emergent Payments merchant pension company enables Ghanaians in the informal sector to enjoy their retirement by collecting regular pension contributions in small amounts.
Emergent Payments has made it possible for the pension company’s merchants clients to make relatively small daily, weekly, and or monthly contributions to their pension funds by developing a USSD for the pension company. Customers with Mobile Money wallets can make 24/7 contributions from anywhere in Ghana.

A financial institution offering investment instruments: Individuals that want to put money into the institution’s fixed deposit investment instruments traditionally do so through bank transfers and cash deposits.
Emergent Payments has developed a USSD that enables the company’s customers to make investment deposits 24/7 via their Mobile Money wallets.

A private tertiary institutionuniversity with local and international students: Before Emergent Payments the university’s students queued on campus, sometimes for hours, to pay their fees in cash. Emergent Payments now makes paying and receiving fees seamless and transparent. With their Emergent Payments wallets that can be topped up at any Emergent Payments partner bank, both local and international students can pay all their tuition, housing, medical, and graduation fees no matter where they are in the world without having to queue. The students no longer have to queue for long hours to pay their fees, and tBesides offering convenience to students the universityhe school minimizes eliminates money loss through petty theft, embezzlement and poor record keeping, thereby saving time and money.

A leading online real estate marketplace: The real estate marketplace enables companies and individuals to list property properties for rent and for sale. Companies and individuals that wantlooking to list property as premium customers must pay for this service. Emergent Payments gives the marketplace the option of receiving electronic payments by enabling the company to send e-invoices to the potential listers. The e-invoices may be settled through a variety of local and international payment options including Visa/Mastercard, Mobile Money, GHLink, and cash deposits at Emergent Payments partner banks.

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