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Managing Director’s Message

Welcome to Emergent Payments. As the Managing Director for Emergent Payments Africa, I am proud to be leading an organisation that is fulfilling an increasingly important role in the economic development of Africa. With around 66% of the adult population in Africa unbanked, the emerging FinTech industry has a huge opportunity to drive financial inclusion outside of traditional banking systems. Through our commercial and development initiatives, we are making a difference in bridging the digital divide through sustainable solutions through sustainable digital solutions. We believe that providing services to the underserved is not only socially responsible, but also good business. As we look to expand our business to 20 Africa countries, we hope that you will join us on this adventure as a client, beneficiary or partner. Our culture is based on the premise that anything can be done, with the right plan, right people and the right passion no matter what the circumstances are – or to put it as Nelson Mandela once said: “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

To facilitate and simplify payment transactions in a timely, secured and convenient manner.

Financial Inclusion for all and to be the most preferred payment gateway solution across the world.

Our Directors

Managing Director, Africa

Saqib Nazir

He is a seasoned professional and businessman is the Chief Executive of INTERPAY and also enjoys following executive positions;

CEO – Interpay:
Interpay makes it easy for anyone to make and receive payments. We help reach customers and businesses globally and give our customers the freedom and flexibility to quickly and easily manage all kinds of payments. Our interoperability capabilities make payments universal: Multi carrier, multi bank, multi channel, multi currency.

Executive Director – PortingXS Ghana:
PortingXS Ghana is the Mobile Number Portability Service provider for Ghana. Ghana is one of the first Sub Sharan Countries in Africa to have successfully delivered MNP to date.

Executive Director – ImeiXS:
ImeiXS develops innovative, safe, high-performance validation solutions. ImeiXS supports multiple sectors for the implementation of IMEI validation processes in areas of: fraud, retrieval, theft prevention, delta management and number management of IMEI numbers.

Director – Peoples Pension Trust Ghana Limited:
PPT is engaged in helping the informal and low income sector to plan savings for their future.

Director – A2MD.nl

Our Management

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